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Julython in January? J(an)ulython

You heard it right, Julython is back, never mind the calendar. J(an)ulython is fast approaching so you better get ready. Time to dust off those open source libraries you haven't touched since August. Another 31 days and nights to commit like it's going out of style. Already around the world J(an)ulython "Kick off" parties are being planned for the night of December 31st, there is probably one near you too! Be sure to drunkenly challenge the others at the party to beat your score. Remember to party responsibly though, don't push your commits until the morning.

Why in January? Many projects release on a 6 month schedule. We feel that in order to stay fresh you should at least match that with your own projects. January also has that whole "New Years Resolution" thing too. But let's face it, running is hard, wouldn't you rather write some Python?

We're busy updating the site, cause we haven't touched it in 6 months either :) But you can still look over the past results and see who you need to beat this time. If you still have your web hook from last time you are all set. If not stay tuned and we'll update everyone when the site is ready for testing again.

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